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Mark-B-Gone Marking Pen Blue
Mark-B-Gone Marking Pen. Use marking pen on washable fabrics to transfer pattern markings and quilt or craft designs. Some fiber contents, fabric finishes or dyes (red and pink in particular) may not be suitable for use with this pen. To remove marks, rub gently with clean damp cloth well moistened with plain water.
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Ref # 072879110777      $5.98 ea         Quantity:  

Bobbin Saver Lavender
BobbinSaver™ Bobbin Holder holds metal or plastic bobbins of all different sizes! Shaped like half of a bagel and hollowed out, it is made of flexible rubbery plastic that expands to receive the bobbin and promptly snugs up around it. Threads won't tangle or unwind.
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Ref # 081196011179      $9.99 ea         Quantity:  

Chenille Cutter
You can make your own chenille at home with this easy-to-use chenille cutter. The cutter has four "feet" serving as channel guides that create chenille in several styles of widths, from narrow to wide, for a variety of creations. Its premium-quality blade provides superior sharpness and durability. The cutter's ultra-sharp, double-honed circular blade does not rotate and is housed in a protective dial with no exposed edges for your safety.
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Ref # 091511600834      $35.92 ea         Quantity:  

Pin Cushion Tomato with Emery
Provides a safe place to store pins and needles. Use strawberry emery to sharpen and clean pins and needles.
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Ref # 111105479      $1.98 ea         Quantity:  

Perfect Scissors - 7.5"
This special blade will pull the fabric into the scissors, rather than pulling it away like traditional scissors. This scissors features a cushioned handle, ideal of right-or left-handed people, blades sharp to the very tip, serrated blade to keep fabric from fraying, and are lightweight and comfortable. This package contains one 7-1/2x2-1/2-inch large scissors with plastic protective cover.

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Ref # 111111048      $28.99 ea         Quantity:  

Perfect Scissors - 6"
This special blade will pull the fabric into the scissors, rather than pulling it away like traditional scissors. This scissors features a cushioned handle, ideal of right-or left-handed people, blades sharp to the very tip, serrated blade to keep fabric from fraying, and are lightweight and comfortable. This package contains one 6inch scissors with plastic protective cover.
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Ref # 111111954      $26.99 ea         Quantity:  

Creative Grids Hexagon Trim Tool
View the ruler in action at this link:

Create perfect pieced hexagons with 2; 4; or 6 inch finished centers by squaring up each round of strips as you go. Since each round is squared up before the next set is added, the blocks created are perfect hexagons. Or use the markings to cut 2 to 8 inch finished hexagons and every even size in between.

Note: This tool cuts finished hexagons that measure 8 inches from side to side. From point to point, the cut hexagon is slightly less than 10 inches so they can be cut from 10 inch pre-cuts.

Pattern requires inset seams? No problem - use the drilled holes to mark the seam allowance.

The template slides easily over the fabric until pressure is applied. Then, our exclusive gripper holds the fabric in place while cutting, eliminating slipping and miss-cuts!

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Ref # 111113426      $27.99 ea         Quantity:  

Quick Ripper
Nobody likes to rip out seams, but with the Quick Ripper, you'll BUZZ right through it! Don't rip another seam without it. Makes a great gift. This electric seam ripper makes fast work of a dreaded task. Tear out sewn seams in seconds and get on with the hobby you enjoy.
For bigger jobs, un-sew serged or machine quilted stitches in minutes instead of hours.

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Ref # 111116093      $25.99 ea         Quantity:  

The Sensational Sip & Snip
Stops spills! Traps Scraps! Installs Easily!

Attaches easily to most desks and table tops. Powder coated finish won't rust, chip or peel. Rubber sleeved clamp protects work surface. Holds coffee mugs, soda cans, water bottles and most drink cups up to 32 ounces.

The large capacity woven bag holds your scraps (and candy wrappers!) Bag frame removes easily for emptying, or for when you only want a drink holder. Carry it anywhere for instant use as a beverage caddy!

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Ref # 111118335      $25.99 ea         Quantity:  

Cats Cradle Tool by Creative Grids
Make Cats Cradle units quickly, easily and accurately, two at a time from squares and rectangles. You never cut a single triangle, but with the Cats Cradle tool you end up with perfect triangles in your finished blocks every time. Create six sizes from 1 1/2 to 4 inch finished blocks - the cutting requirements for each is printed right on the ruler!

The ruler comes with fully illustrated step by step instructions or scan the QR Code printed on the ruler to view a video demonstration.

The ruler slides easily over the fabric until pressure is applied. Then, our exclusive gripper holds the fabric in place while cutting, eliminating slipping and miss-cuts!

Total Size - 7in x 7in

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Ref # 111118743      $19.99 ea         Quantity:  

Ground Walnut Shells
Perfect for pin cushion filling. Clean and finely ground. Comes in handy bags with enough to fill one PlumEasy Pin Cushion. Approx 2 cups by volume.

Comes in a 4" x 8" zip 2m poly bags
All natural filling for pin cushion
Gives pin cushions a heavy, solid feeling. These ground walnut hulls are both coarse and fine grinds.

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Ref # 111119048      $4.99 ea         Quantity:  

Pin Pal Mariners Compass - Lemon Sherbert
A PinPal™ is a magnetized pin catcher that you wear on your shirt/lapel, collar or sleeve. Made of sturdy plastic, this pin catcher will hold pins, needles and small scissors. It attaches to your clothing with a magnetized back - no pins to tear your clothing.
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Ref # 111119186      $10.99 ea         Quantity:  

Sew Blessed Fabric Plate
2016 Row By Row License Plate
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Ref # 111121141      $5.99 ea         Quantity:  

Mini Binding tool
The Mini Binding tool is a must have for smaller projects such as place mats, pot holders and mini quilts. Works best with a 2in binding. Also can be used to make a french braid table runner or quilt. 2-1/2in x 5-1/4
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Ref # 111121523      $8.99 ea         Quantity:  

Thermal Thimbles
Thermal Thimbles are heat resistant finger protectors designed to fit the index finger or thumb of either hand while ironing. Three sizes included for your best fit. Use caution when using steam. Not intended for use with sharp objects.
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Ref # 111121732      $6.99 ea         Quantity:  

Hardware Set Nickel 1/2in
Includes 2 D-rings, 2 rectangle rings, 2 sliders, 2 swivel hooks, spring-snap.

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Ref # 111122071      $11.99 ea         Quantity:  

Snap Size 16 Multi Pack Combination Bright
7/16in. 20 sets. 5 sets of each color; Yellow, Lime, Orange and Hot Pink.

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Ref # 111122397      $7.99 ea         Quantity:  

Velocity Compact Vapor Iron
Our Velocity legacy is back and better than ever! The latest addition to the Reliable home ironing line up comes with a steam release sensor that deploys with user touch. The Velocity 200IR has 2 heating elements, one heats the soleplate and the other heats the steam generator. This enables the user to get maximum steam even on the lowest soleplate setting. The 200IR produces continuous volumes of steam when desired for horizontal and vertical steam release.


- 8 minute auto shut-off
- Auto bypass shut off feature
- 1800W heating element
- 1.25 cups (300 ml) water capacity
- Anodized Aluminum soleplate

1 year manufacture warranty

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Ref # 111123649      $220.00 ea         Quantity:  

Cork Fabric Touch Pro Natural w/Gold 55in Wide
Great for the inside of a tote!

15.5% Pes 29.5% Cotton 55% PU, 55in
Cleaning your Cork Fabric:
Cork is impermeable to gases and liquids. If your cork does get soiled, surface cleaning with water and a mild soap should be sufficient. Machine washing of the finished product is not recommended as the item and/or its hardware may be damaged during agitation.

This product can be ordered in full yard OR half yard increments.

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Ref # 111123665      $61.99 yd         Quantity:  

Owl Sewing Caddy
Keep your essential notions right on your machine! This Unique and Functional caddy sticks to your machine. Scissors, bobbins and pins not included.
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Ref # 111124016      $16.99 ea         Quantity:  

Tulip Bobbin Clamps 12 ct
The Tulip Bobbin Clamps keep your bobbins from unraveling. The chain keeps them all together. 5 colors, 12 pieces per package.

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Ref # 111124577      $11.99 ea         Quantity:  

PQ "Quilt Now, Sleep Later" Shirt!
Available in sizes Small - 4XL. 100% Cotton
Prairie Quilt EXCLUSIVE!

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Ref # 111124854      $16.99 ea    
PQ T-Shirts Sm - 4XL

Anti Skid Gripper Fabric
Anti-Skid Gripper Fabric for sewing on soles of pajama feet and slippers. Provides a gripping and anti-skid surface to prevent slipping and falling. Can also be used on base of household items such as lamps and decorative items to prevent scratches. 100% cotton fabric/ERB anti-skid dots. Prior to use machine wash in warm water, remove immediately. Do not use fabric softeners. Drip dry. Do not dry clean. 11" x 24".
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Ref # 111124945      $6.99 ea         Quantity:  

Aleene's Tack It Glue
Aleene's Tack-It Over & Over Glue is a pressure sensitive glue that can be applied to appliques which then can be moved from garment to garment. Also use on surfaces such as stencils that require a temporary bond. Great for metal, wood, paper, plastic, glass and stencils. Not intended for leather, silk, rayon and polyester. Non-toxic, dries clear and flexible. 4 oz.
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Ref # 111125269      $5.99 ea         Quantity:  

Lipstick Needle Case
Comes with 5 hand sewing needles included in each Lipstick Needle Case. The perfect gift or stocking stuffer!
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Ref # 111125272      $4.99 ea         Quantity:  

Pineapple Ruler/Trim Tool Large
This is the large tool for 6, 8 or 10" Finished Pineapple Blocks.

View the mini in action at this link:

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Ref # 111125796      $26.49 ea         Quantity:  

Bo Nash Fuse It Powder
Repair tears and holes, use for appliques, applying labels, perfect for surface embellishments

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Ref # 111126376      $10.99 ea         Quantity:  

Orange Pop Rulers - Square Set
Make squaring up quilt blocks simple and accurate.

Orange Pop Rulers are fantastic for all types of quilt blocks—sewing or machine embroidery! The open frame allows you to not only see your block, but also keeps the ruler flat and level for precise cutting. No-slip grips on the back of the rulers prevents the tools from slipping while cutting.

Includes: 4.5″, 6.5″, and 8.5″. Blocks will finish at 4, 6, and 8”. Square set has a bonus half square triangle ruler in two sizes!

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Ref # 111126478      $49.99 ea         Quantity:  

Bo Nash Iron Clean
Remove fusibles, facings, sticky residues, starches and much more this these 10 sheets! All you have to do is heat up your iron, lay your iron on the sheet, wipe off any residues and you're done -- it's as easy as 1, 2, 3! Pack of 10
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Ref # 111126485      $4.99 ea         Quantity:  

Magnetic Rhinestone Template
Christmas Ornaments - 1.5 to 3.5"
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Ref # 111126525      $9.99 ea         Quantity:  

Rhinestone Brush
For Placing Rhinestones in Templates
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Ref # 111126526      $4.99 ea         Quantity:  

Magnetic Rhinestone Template
1 to 1.5" Snowflakes
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Ref # 111126528      $6.99 ea         Quantity:  

Rhinestones- Crystal Clear
3mm - 10 gross
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Ref # 111126531      $11.99 ea         Quantity:  

Rhinestones- Emerald
3mm - 10 Gross
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Ref # 111126535      $10.99 ea         Quantity:  

Rhinestones- Citrine
3mm - 10 Gross
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Ref # 111126536      $10.99 ea         Quantity:  

Rhinestones- Light Siam
3 mm - 10 Gross
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Ref # 111126537      $11.99 ea         Quantity:  

Rhinestones- Sun Orange
3mm - 10 Gross
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Ref # 111126538      $10.99 ea         Quantity:  

Rhinestones- Smoked Topaz
3 mm - 10 Gross
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Ref # 111126539      $10.99 ea         Quantity:  

Magnetic Rhinestone Template
Hearts - 4 sizes
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Ref # 111126541      $11.99 ea         Quantity:  

Olfa Endurance Blade 45mm
Give your quilting and sewing projects sharp cuts with the Olfa 45mm Endurance Rotary Blade. This endurance blade is designed to cut twice as long while cutting fabric before dulling. Durable and precision-oriented, this blade is compatible with all OLFA 45mm cutter handles. Use it to hasten your craft and sewing projects while ensuring utmost accuracy and ease of use. Each pack includes one replacement blade.
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Ref # 111126924      $15.99 ea         Quantity:  

Magic Clip - Big - 12 Ct.
2 1/2" Long x 3/4" High x 5/8" Wide
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Ref # 111127105      $17.99 ea         Quantity:  

Petite Press Portable Mini Iron #29500 by Dritz
Portable Mini Iron for crafting, sewing or quilting whether you are at home or traveling. 4 temperature setting on a lighted digital control pad. Heats and holds temperature in seconds. 4 Iron head positions. Soleplate measures 2-3/8" x 1-3/4". Shuts off automatically after 60 minutes.
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Ref # 111127106      $59.99 ea         Quantity:  

Your Nest™ Organizer in "Martin"
Don’t waste any more time searching for your favorite tools or trying to remember where you set your rotary cutter! When you want to keep stuff handy, Your Nest™ Organizer is the answer!

The base is roughly 4-1/2″ square and it’s 1-1/2″ tall – sturdy and flexible to hold a variety of your favorite tools.

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Ref # 111127189      $19.99 ea         Quantity:  

Kimberbell Denim Tote
The side seams are not sewn up to so it's easy to hoop the bag itself, then add adorable embroidery designs. 15" x 17"
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Ref # 111127212      $13.99 ea         Quantity:  

PQ Label Cutaway Medium Wt.- 20" x 10"yds
Excellent for medium stitch counts on medium weight, stretchy fabrics such as fleece and pique knits.
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Ref # 111127342      $21.99 ea         Quantity:  

PQ Label Sew 'N Wash- 12" x 12yds
Soft, stable fabric designed to dissolve easily in water. Use as a base to embroider lace or freestanding embroidery.
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Ref # 111127343      $29.99 ea         Quantity:  

PQ Label Tearaway Medium Wt- 20" x 10yds
Designed for light to medium stitch counts on stable to semi-stable fabrics. Firm, crisp and easy to teat away. Tears neatly around edge of stitched area.
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Ref # 111127361      $16.99 ea         Quantity:  

PQ Label Med. Wt. Tearaway- 12" x 12"yds
Designed for light to medium stitch counts on stable to semi-stable fabrics. Firm, crisp and easy to tear away. Tears neatly around edge of stitched area.
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Ref # 111127366      $16.99 ea         Quantity:  

Wool Felted Ironing Mat - 17 x 24"
The wool absorbs the heat so it's like pressing your blocks from both sides, and the ironing mats are so thick, the heat doesn't transfer through to the surface underneath.
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Ref # 111127425      $79.99 ea         Quantity:  

Grommet Plier Kit - 3/8"
Use for applying 3/8in grommets
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Ref # 111127940      $24.99 ea         Quantity:  

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